Official Video for "Make Me Dance"

While some of you may have seen this video in the past at, this new version is with the refined version of the song, which was officially released October 7th. The video was shot both in a studio and on location at Pram Pram. I got to have a lot of fun in this one while being filmed singing underwater ;)

The video was directed by Mr Chaplin and produced at Genius Selection Studios and features the super-talented Henokani Culture Troup dancers from New Ningo.

I think the whole video is sexy, stylish and visually stunning. So without further ado, head here to watch the new official video for "Make Me Dance"

PS If you like what you hear/see, you can still purchase the single from iTunes at and also get a free download of the acoustic version by signing up on the right hand side of the screen here.

Happy viewing!