Happy New Year 2014!

Hi Everyone!

Well, the new New Year is coming up and if it’s at all like 2013. It will be amazing!

I want to thank everyone who played a part in helping me to move forward. Mr Chaplin for directing two great videos, Genius Selection for producing the tracks, JTV Digital in Paris for signing me up for international digital distribution, Dotted Music in New York for their tireless work and Pepsi Ghana for seeing me as their Face of Pepsi in 2014.

I know I have a lot of fans who see me for what I truly am… a young woman who really cares about the job I do and the responsibilities I have as an entertainer. I meet many of you in street when I’m going around or performing. I FEEL your love and respect. I want to thank all of you for the love you show. It’s that love that sustains me and my team. God bless you all!

In 2014, I’m planning to roar plenty! Like the young lioness of Africa that I am! I’ll be roaring for Upper West, I’ll be roaring for Ghana, I’ll be roaring for the Black Stars! I’ll be roaring for Africa and anyone in the world who likes me and my music.

I want you to join me in a resolution for 2014. Together, let’s each of us do our small part to banish hatred and ill-will from this blessed planet!

With love, from Wiyaala.