Viasat 1  | 7th April 2014

"...a stunning and electrifying performance Noella Wiyaala" - Vlisco Women's Awards

Female First UK  | 26th February 2014

Exclusive preview of Wiyaala's new track 'You Got The Power'

Highlife Today Radio  | 22nd December 2013

Noella Wiyaala grabs Pepsi ambassadorial deal: Noella Wiyaala has been snapped up by Pepsi for a brand ambassadorial role in 2014. The soft drink manufacturer is yet to put out official information but sources say the deal is done.

Female First UK  | 3rd December 2013

Exclusive track premiere of 'Make Me Dance (Marej Deluxe And Lada Sax Remix)'.  | 2nd December 2013

Interview: Meet Wiyaala, a talented and passionate Afro-pop artist from Ghana. BA Latanya got a chance to interview her, and learn more about fierce songstress. If you’d like a chance to chat with Wiyaala be sure and drop by the Make Me Dance Listening Party for her new remix EP, exclusively on!

Stolen From Africa  | 21st November 2013

Introducing: Wiyaala – Ghanian pop singer "The Young Lioness of Africa"

YOLOVYBEZ Magazine  | 19th November 2013

West Africa Musical Sensation, Will Release “Make Me Dance Remixes” On December 9th.

Call Me Adam  | 19th November 2013

Wiyaala is a rising international recording artist who just released her new single, "Make Me Dance," October 7th as an iTunes exclusive along with an acoustic version of the song. She is the face of the IGNITE! Ghana project - a cultural education project which aims to endorse traditional Ghanaian music and dance culture in schools. Her brand new EP will be released late 2013 and an LP is in the works set for 2014 release.

Mega City VIP  | 19th November 2013

The Young Lioness of Africa, Wiyaala, to release EDM Remix EP

AfroSuperStar  | 17th November 2013

"Hot new music video by the very talented Ghanaian artist Noella Wiyaala for her song 'Make Me Dance'…We love the video and definitely dig her sound and look….Check it out!!"

Africa on the Blog  | 6th November 2013

"Her voice is bold and powerful, the timbre distinguished, the notes seem to just roll out of her throat in rich resonance. By far I would have to say that my favourite is her latest release, “Make me dance”; it is beautiful, the song gives me goose bumps."

4syte Music Video Awards  | 17th October 2013

Wiyaala was nominated in 4 categories for the 4syte Music Video Awards:

  1. Best Discovery - "Make Me Dance"
  2. Best Discography - "Make Me Dance"
  3. Best Reggae/Dancehall - "Rock My Body"
  4. Best Choreography - "Rock My Body"

Brand Fabulousness  | 16th October 2013

"I don't usually do promos, but recently a very special singer reached out to me, Wiyaala. She's from the Upper West of Ghana, is well known for standing up for women's rights."  | 25th June 2013

"Wiyaala has really proved to me how talented she is with just 2 songs. The first is, ‘Make Me Dance’ and ‘Rock My Body’. The video to the latter is just a masterpiece!"

Total Showbiz  | 23rd June 2013

"Wiyaala’s ‘Rock my body’, a must watch video"

OMGGHANA   21st June 2013

"I have said it countless times that this girl ‘Wiyaala’ is a true talent and I’m a big fan of her music. After her top-charting song, ‘Make Me Dance’, she’s released a dancehall song titled ‘Rock My Body'." 

Noella Wiyaala, winner of Vodafone Icons 2012  | 7th June 2013

"With her group Black & Peach, talks to TV Africa Daybreak Entertainment on why the group split and about her new single 'ROCK MY BODY' and her solo career." Pop sensation Noella Wiyaala leads the androgeny trend in Ghana | 6th May 2013

"Might not be  a popular fashion choice in the country but believe it or not this art has been popularized by several pop stars and celebrities. It is the art of androgyny or gender bending which is set to be popularized in the west African country Ghana by Noella Wiyaala a new afro pop sensation. Personally i think is right since there are already a load of female musicians who are already popularizing their femininity and divaness to the world so it will be better and will set her apart from her other competitors with her androgynous look. 


Arts & People   5th May 2013

"Kwame Dadzie's encounter with Noella Wiyaala on ARTS & PEOPLE on Vision 90.9 FM." 

Flex Newspaper Vodafone Icon Noella shoots Ghana's first underwater video | 10th June 2013

"Sensational Afro Rock songstress Noella Wiyaala after her exploits in Stars of the Future and Vodafone Icons has finally broken away from her Black n Peach crew to pursue what she calls Afro Rock music on Djimba World Records. This Afro Rock music can be felt in her new single "Make Me Dance" which has an amazing video which was officially released on April 4th on GH1 TV.  "Make Me Dance" was shot in the studio and on location at Pram Pram. The video which features the multi-talented singer in scenes shot underwater and dancers from the Henokani Culture Troup from New Ningo was directed by Mr Chaplin and produced at Genius Selection Studios. "The underwater shots were the toughest and I had to take swimming classes for two weeks straight just for that particular scene. It was very intense and a little difficult trying to swim and concentrate on the camera at the same time, but when every thing was done, I realised all the efforts to make a great video paid off and I know Ghanaians will love this," Noella Wiyaala revealed. She is about to take over the music industry with her skillful stage antics whilst dazzling with her silky voice."

African Muzik Mag  7th April 2013

 "If you’re looking for unique African talent look to Noella Wiyaala. Her style is catchy and talent undeniable."

Daily Graphic | Black n Peach Winners of Vodafone Icons Mixed Edition | 18th May 2012

"At the end of it all, it was the Black n Peach who emerged winners on the wings of a Tina Turner song that said it all: “Simply the Best”. Black n Peach won because they knew their strongest points and used them to their advantage – stage presence, good harmony and the strong voice of lead singer Noella Wiyaala. In the  second and third rounds, Black n Peach only came on to confirm one strategy that must have been obvious to the audience. The trio acknowledged the strong voice of their Grace Jones cum Angelique Kodjo style lead singer Noella and pushed her forward. That did it." | Stars of the Future Season 5 | 24th May 2012

"Noella is bold, smart and filled with an enviable zeal that presents her as a refreshing performer and though an amateur musician, she is the pride of the Upper West Region."