Wiyaala (LP)


Wiyaala (LP)


The album, sung in a mix of English and local tribal dialects of Sissali and Wale is an update on the "clash of civilizations" between the cultural traditions, social order and practices of West Africa and the impact of the "West". Wiyaala does not seek confrontation. She has a positive message.

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You will get these files after purchasing the LP: 

1.    Tinambanyi (Here We Come) - High Quality MP3
2.    Africa - High Quality MP3
3.    Siiko (Come! Let’s Go) - High Quality MP3
4.    Leno (This Place) - High Quality MP3
5.    Bunsun (Good Things) - High Quality MP3
6.    Tuma (No Food For The Lazy Man) - High Quality MP3
7.    Kandibanye (Had I Known) - High Quality MP3
8.    Dunne IL Pla (That’s How The World Is) - High Quality MP3
9.    Idunne (You Alone) - High Quality MP3
10.    Sun & Moon - High Quality MP3
11.    Peace - High Quality MP3
12.    Arijanah (Heaven, I Don’t Want to Die To Get There) - High Quality MP3
13.    Angel - High Quality MP3


“Wiyaala” stands for the "New Africa" everyone is talking about. An Africa that embraces the future (technology in music, etc), whilst acknowledging Wiyaala’s African roots. That duality means Wiyaala’s sound is richer, bringing harmony to elements typically seen as incompatible. The global influences of musical icons, such as Michael Jackson, Madonna and Angelique Kidjo, have resonated with traditional Africa to inspire Wiyaala’s passion to create an album of diverse multi-cultural influences reflecting the reality our world to-day and the imperative to live as brothers and sisters.

The songs, mostly sung in the local tribal dialects of Sissali and Wale, touch on issues everyone will recognize, but are distinguished by Wiyaala’s unique West African perspective. In Tinambanyi, Wiyaali describes  the wholly admirable women of Africa preparing for the day they will confront men to claim their birthright; “We are calling you, You started the fight, We are ready for battle!”